My Top 6 Money Making Programs for November 2016

My list has changed a lot since I updated it in September and I give my reasons below each program name.

Top 6

1. MyPayingAds (MPA)

This is still my number 1 recommendation. The reason is that it is the oldest revshare online and can be trusted the most. It is also very easy to use for newbies once you have bought ad packs. I noticed that newbies to Revshares struggle to understand what a payment processor is and Revshares. But as soon as the money is transferred from their credit card to Payza and then to MPA it is all systems go.

2. MyPayingCryptoAds (MPCA)

MPCA is my number 2 even though it is only launching in the next 1 to 2 weeks. The reason is that it is the sister company of MPA and it is in Bitcoin. MPCA has the same returns as MPA but because the currency is in Bitcoin you have the long term increase in value of Bitcoin that will increase your return.

3. My 24 Hour Income

Drew’s program is still going strong. It is still new but they have never missed a payment. The return is still the same and has not slowed down. I highly recommend you use Bitcoin only here. This is because we need to with draw earnings and cannot re-purchase ad packs. Use Coinpayments payment processor here.

4. Zukul Ad Network (ZAN)

The earnings slowed down a lot in the last 2 month, but I have noticed it improving again in the last week or so. Zukul has taken a lot of the attention from ZAN in the last 3 months and people moved their money to Zukul. This slowed returns in ZAN a lot. Focus to improve ZAN has returned now and there is improvements in ZAN in the last 2 weeks. This is a program for the very long term and Jeremy Rush will not allow this program to crash.

5. THW Global

THW Global has stopped international viewing temporary and this is very disappointing. Only USA can view videos. I cannot promote this program to non-US viewers at the moment so my member growth is dead slow at the moment. THW Global has turned there focus on paid members with eLearning course ($10pm) and Matrix ($49.95 once off). So now it is a paid program until they fix the international viewing. I have joined both paid programs, but it is going to be difficult to recruit new paying members. The idea I had was to get people to make money viewing video and then upgrade to paying members with returns from viewing videos. I am still very positive about THW Global and that is why I am still promoting it.

6. Zukul

Zukul had the funnel launch and it was very disappointing. I was in the $10, $25 and $50 funnel. I was hoping for huge spill over but only ad one in $10 funnel and 1 in $50 funnel. I made the big decision to give up the $25 and $50 position and start over on the $10 funnel and work myself up. This is what I recommend everyone to do. Join the $10 funnel, get 3 and then upgrade to $25 funnel, get 3 and the $50 funnel and so on. I am going to use the returns from ZAN to pay for Zukul. You should do the same.

There you have my short and sweat summary of my November recommendations to make money online. Remember that I make regular video updates on Youtube. So please subscribe on my YT channel for regular updates. Go here to see my Youtube channel.

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