Found a Great Program to Generate Leads

I have put Amazon website creation on hold so now I have more time to find leads for Lyoness. I am very positive that Lyoness will be a success and will generate huge financial rewards in the future. The problem is leads. This must be one of the biggest challenges for any network marketer. So I searched the internet and found a program that will help me find leads. Not only that, this program gives me comprehensive training on all possible internet marketing platforms and can generate me income by referring the program to other marketers. The program name is MyLeadSystemPro. The training and education inside the program is amazing. Any business looking to advertise online will benefit from this training program. Any beginner and advanced internet marketer should check it out before judging the system. The training inside is amazing. Every possible internet marking strategy online is covered with … Continue Reading →

Amazon Earnings for January 2015 and De-indexing

My January Amazon earnings is much lower than December, but not as low as what I was expecting. My earnings where $555.39. There are 2 big reasons for the drop in earnings. The first is that the shopping season has passed and the second is that All My Amazon Store Websites are de-indexed! There is about 230 of them. Most of the website were de-index about the beginning of the year. I can see in the analytics that the traffic from Big G stopped about 1 January. This was a huge shock to me, but I know why it happened. All these store websites scrape content from Amazon. So it is duplicate content and a big no-no to Big G. I was relieved to see that some of my websites had good traffic from Bing and Yahoo and this is where my traffic came from. The websites have not been … Continue Reading →