[ USI Tech ] My weekly update on making money with USI Tech in South Africa

Yesterday I did a USI Tech video update on Youtube and I would like to share it here.   At the moment I am still building my and my wife’s account by rebuying more Btc Packs to get the compound going. Some time in Jan or Feb I will start withdrawing my initial invest so that I have zero risk in this business. I see USI Tech as high risk, but using discretionary funds to make some quick money here.   I am willing to take the risk because the cash is coming in fast with the pre-sale-ICO and new income from the bitcoin and Ethereum mining.   Currently my Luno wallet fees are high so I am not adding new funds. I will wait for the mempool to cool down on the bitcoin blockchain, unless I find a cheaper wallet in South Africa.   The price of bitcoin is … Continue Reading →

My USI Tech Review

The year 2017 started off great. MPA, MPCA and Genesis Mining was doing well and the bitcoin price was rising every week. But then MPA en MPCA stopped paying. I moved to Traffic Hurricane and then they stopped paying. I then took a break to reflect. Only Genesis Mining was still going strong. I then joined Steemit and Genesis Mining stopped selling bitcoin cloud mining contracts. Time for more reflecting and looking around. Then USI Tech had a big London party and announced big changes and I decided to join. Join USI Tech Here: https://colinb.usitech-int.com I had a very long look at USI Tech and decided to go all in. The reason is that following the success of Genesis Mining, lending bot ICO’s, transparency and future plans of USI Tech I decided to join and promote it. In the video below I give more details:   Here are more reasons why … Continue Reading →

My Top Money Making Programs for 2017

My top money making programs: The year 2016 was a very busy year with many programs not lasting more than 3 months. Some dying before they even launched (eg Freedom5). There are only 3 programs I am promoting now. 2 of them are more than 2 years old and the 1 is only 2 months old. I am also going to give you a list of programs I am using for promoting and building my online business. 1. My Paying Ads This has been the winner for 2016 and I am sure it will be the winner in 2017 too. The only program that might beat the success of My Paying Ads is the new sister company My Paying Crypto Ads. My Paying Ads is 2 years old and still growing. I have withdrawn about $750 so far and used this to fund the launch of MPCA. Join me here: … Continue Reading →