My WordPress Themes for Amazon Websites

You can use just about any theme to place your Amazon ads, but I use themes that I also can use as autoblogs. What is an Autoblog? An autoblog is a blog that updates itself. In other words, content is added to the blog without ant effort. These blogs scrape content from the web and post it to your website. Some people call them spam blogs because the content is not original. I like autoblogs because I can set and forget them. They add content on autopilot so search engine see the blog as active.   There are 4 Themes that I use and they are all premium themes, in other words they are not for free and you need to buy them: 1. Covert Store Theme This is a IM Wealth Creators theme and it is for sale at JV Zoo. This theme is setup like a store. So … Continue Reading →

My WordPress Plugins that I use for My Amazon Websites

List of free WordPress Plugins I use on my Blogs 1. Kwayy HTML Sitemap This plugin will create a visual site map for your website. You get a short code to paste on the Sitemap page and you are set. Very easy. A sitemap is very important for the browser navigation. The inter linking of your pages and poast are important for SEO too. Here is a link to the plugin page: 2. ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget This plugin is important to me for inter linking my pages. At the end of each post this plugin will create links to related links on your blog. This is great for SEO. Here is the link to page: 3. Google Analytics for WordPress Google Analytics will give you loads of stats and details of user behavior, clicks, geographical stats and much more. There are some people that … Continue Reading →

How I make $500.00 per month from Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

My Amazon adventure started about 12 months ago. I should have started long time ago but always thought that the commission of 4% was to low and I did not want to make product review sites. I thought this was the only way how to make money with Amazon, but I was so wrong. About 3 years ago I had 134 websites de-indexed by Big G for making websites for adsense. It took me 18 months to build 134 websites for Adsense and was making about $1000.00 per month, increasing each month. I did not comply by the strict terms and conditions of Adsense market place and got banned. This was a big crash and burn to my internet ‘passive’ income effort and I did not think of building websites like that again. Soon after that we had Panda and Penguin update anyway. I was doing link building 24/7 with … Continue Reading →

How to Install Plugins to Your WordPress Website

Plugins will give your website more functionality. Most plugins are free, but you also get paid plugins. This video shows 2 ways you can upload a plugin. The first and easy way is via WP Dashboard and the second way is via Filezilla. You can also upload from your computer if you have previously downloaded a plugin. Another way is using  cPanel via File Manager. But for now watch video below for first 2 methods.   Here is a list of my most used free plugins: I will be adding more information to this blog as we go on. You will find ways how I use websites on this blog. Please do not hesitate to email me at to help you load your first website. I will reply as soon as I can to help you get started. Happy … Continue Reading →

How to Register for Hosting at Hostgator

My first hosting account was with Hostgator. I now have 2 accounts with them. I found this review video showing the registration. I find it much easier to watch someone do something than reading instructions.     Hope that video helped you. Click banner below to go and register with Hostgator   If you have any problems please email me now for help. I will do everything for you. Email me         Related PostsAmazon Associates May 2015 EarningsMy earnings for May is still flat … How I am Growing My Lyconet BusinessThis document was meant to be for … My Amazon Earnings for Feb 2015My Amazon Associates earnings was … Found a Great Program to Generate LeadsI have put Amazon website creation … Amazon Earnings for January 2015 and De-indexingMy January Amazon earnings is much …

How to Register for Hosting at Bluehost

One of the hosting companies I use is BlueHost. I have found this video review and how to register with Bluehost below. I find Youtube very handy for any ‘How to’ queries about the internet. 🙂     If you like what you see the next step is to register at Bluehost by clicking banner below. (yes, it is my affiliate link too.) If you need help with registration or want me to load your website for you let me know by emailing me at     Related PostsMy Amazon Earnings for March 2015There was a big increase in … My Best Amazon Associates Day to DateI am very positive about my Amazon … The Perfect ProductHave you ever wished that you …

How to Create Your First Website

This is a quick and easy guide with videos to show you how to build your first website. As soon as you have done this you can decide what to add to your website. This can be any product or service or business. The first step is to just get your website up and running and ready to add your own content. There are 2 options in building your first website: 1.    Follow instructions below or 2.    Contact me to install WordPress at no cost as long as you use my hosting. Email me at You will need the following to build your first website: 1.    Domain 2.    Hosting 3.    WordPress Domain First of all you will need a domain and hosting. A domain is registered at an online company registrar like You will pay a yearly registration fee to keep this domain in your name. Here is … Continue Reading →

My First Post

I registered this domain 2 years and 7 month ago and did nothing with it, except add the about page. I think I never started blogging, because I believed I had nothing to say or to offer the world wide web. This has all changed now. I feel that I can offer something by adding me experience here and hopefully people that visit this blog will be able to learn from my mistakes and my success. Please feel free to follow me by adding your email to the autoresponder on this website. That is it for my first post.  🙂   Related PostsMy Amazon Earnings for October 2014I had my best one day earnings … My Amazon Earnings for SeptemberThis post is late and I am sorry … My Amazon August Month Earnings and New GoalMy Amazon earnings for August is …