Amazon Earnings for November 2014

This post is late regarding my Amazon earnings, but it has been a busy month. I am now on holiday, so I have all the time now. It has been another record month for me with earnings of $704.00 for November.     I am at an referral rate of 7.00% but missed the 7.5% by 38 items. December should be another good month because of Christmas shopping. My focus has been auto spares the last 3 months and I don’t think many Christmas shopping will be done in this category. In 2015 I will diversify more. The goal of building 120 websites in 120 days will be a huge fail. The reason is that my focus has been on Lns and all my funds available to buy domains went into building my Lns shopping network. The return on investment at Lns is going to be slower than my Amazon … Continue Reading →