[ USI Tech ] My weekly update on making money with USI Tech in South Africa

Yesterday I did a USI Tech video update on Youtube and I would like to share it here.   At the moment I am still building my and my wife’s account by rebuying more Btc Packs to get the compound going. Some time in Jan or Feb I will start withdrawing my initial invest so that I have zero risk in this business. I see USI Tech as high risk, but using discretionary funds to make some quick money here.   I am willing to take the risk because the cash is coming in fast with the pre-sale-ICO and new income from the bitcoin and Ethereum mining.   Currently my Luno wallet fees are high so I am not adding new funds. I will wait for the mempool to cool down on the bitcoin blockchain, unless I find a cheaper wallet in South Africa.   The price of bitcoin is … Continue Reading →