My WordPress Themes for Amazon Websites

You can use just about any theme to place your Amazon ads, but I use themes that I also can use as autoblogs. What is an Autoblog? An autoblog is a blog that updates itself. In other words, content is added to the blog without ant effort. These blogs scrape content from the web and post it to your website. Some people call them spam blogs because the content is not original. I like autoblogs because I can set and forget them. They add content on autopilot so search engine see the blog as active.   There are 4 Themes that I use and they are all premium themes, in other words they are not for free and you need to buy them: 1. Covert Store Theme This is a IM Wealth Creators theme and it is for sale at JV Zoo. This theme is setup like a store. So … Continue Reading →