Amazon Associates Earnings for Dec 2015 and Jan 2016

My earnings from Amazon Associates Program for the last 2 months. I have not made a blog post for a while. Please forgive me. I must post more than once per month and will do so from now on. I was a little bit depressed about my my December and January earnings and that is maybe why I have not made time to do it. Sorry about that. But this will change as I have found something else to add to my internet income that you will love too. 🙂 Earnings for December:   And here are my January earnings:   December started out well. I was still busy with my recovery from losing my account and moving all my links to old websites. On 11 Dec we left for Mozambique for holiday. I did not have internet as the roaming was very expensive and did not think I will … Continue Reading →

Amazon Associates Earnings for November 2015

My Amazon Associates earnings for November is down from last month. This is disappointing but I think I know why. I have not build a single website in about 3 months, I have lost momentum and AliExpress websites are very very disappointing. They are making no money! My earnings for November image below: So my earnings dropped by about $40 this month. November should have been a good month because of Christmas shopping, but not this year for me. There seems to be a problem with my 90 day cookie, but not on all my websites. The 90 day cookie makes a huge difference in earnings because someone can buy anytime within 90 days from Amazon and I will earn commission. I am still helping people to build and earn money as Amazon Associates with my Xenia store strategy. So if you would like to know more please contact me … Continue Reading →

Amazon Earnings for October 2015

My Amazon Earnings for October are back to $343.83. I am still using Xenia Store theme although I know Big G does not like the content. The reason is that I cannot find a theme that performs as good as Xenia Stores so I am continuing with this theme and stays my highly recommended theme. Here are my Amazon Associates earnings for October. I tried AliExpress theme. It is easy to use and load items, but the pages are not found by the search engines like Xenia theme. I don’t know why. I build 10 websites with AliEpress theme to make sure and it is not working for me. After 3 months I am making less than $2 so far. You are welcome to give it a try here: The plugin is expensive too. It is $47 for 5 websites. There is a 25% discount when you ask. I build … Continue Reading →

Amazon Associates income for July 2015 and some new findings

My July earnings has been disappointing. I was hoping to break through the $500 mark, but it did not happen. I earned less in July than in June. My earnings for July was $416.32, down from $467.42 in June. See image. What noticed is that I did not sell much less items in July compared to June. In July I sold 211 items and in June 218. That is only 7 items less. So then I went to have a look at the items sold in June. There where a couple of high ticket items sold and I did not have any high ticket sales in July. So I think it was just plain bad luck for July. In July I only build 7 websites compared to 23 in June. Part of the reason is that I was on holiday for 8 days in the beginning in the month and … Continue Reading →

My Amazon Associates income for June 2015

I am back on track to increase my monthly income above $500 per month. I almost reached it last month. My income was $467.42. See image below as conformation. This is very positive result to me. It shows me that as soon as I get to work and build websites again my income increases. Consistency is very important. I managed to build 23 websites in June and I will do my best to do the same or more this month. What is interesting to see is my conversion rate. It shot up to 8% from 3.2% last month. This could be because of a new plugin I bought called Azon Exit Cash. This plugin opens a ‘Special offer’ page as soon as someone wants to leave the website. Works very nice. I upgraded to the Pro version today. The Pro version gives you stats, which is not on the regular … Continue Reading →

Amazon Associates May 2015 Earnings

My earnings for May is still flat at $371.04, but now that I have started building new Amazon store websites I can see some momentum growing. There are more clicks and many of these clicks planted the 90 day Amazon cookie on people’s PC’s, so if people did not buy immediate, but come back within 90 days I will still get the commission. So I am building my commission pipeline. In April I build 8 new stores and in May I build 19 new stores. This is after not building any since Dec 2014. I normally start to see commission from new websites in 2 to 3 month. I can see the traffic on Analytics growing, so I am very positive to break $500pm again soon. I build my first 8 Fresh Store Builder (FSB)websites as a test to see how they compare to Xenia websites that are my top … Continue Reading →

Amazon Earnings for April 2015

My earnings is below $500 this month, but this is from de-indexed websites, that is interesting, and I am still learning a lot from my Amazon adventure. I made a big mistake on my Bluehost hosting and 25 of my websites were down for more than a month without me knowing! Emails from Bluehost went to my ‘everything else’ folder in gmail and I missed it! I have now marked their emails as ‘important’ so the emails will be seen first and then everything else. Big slip up that cost me money, but I will make it back. 🙂 The reason my account was disabled was that my Covert Video Content and Plugin plugin added adult videos from Youtube. Adult stuff is prohibited on Bluehost. Bluehost is the only hosting company that I know of that does not allow adult content, which I find strange. But another lesson learnt and … Continue Reading →

My Amazon Earnings for Feb 2015

My Amazon Associates earnings was $371.66 for February. This was expected after the de-indexing of my websites, but I am pleasantly surprised that I am still making $371.66 from Yahoo and Bing traffic. Here is the screen shot of the Feb earnings. The conversion is good at 7.54% for a store website. There are plenty of click too nl 2693. My focus is now on Lyoness, MLSP and networking Superstars. I have not build a new Amazon site. I want to see what happens to the Bing and Yahoo traffic. It might still produce positive returns per year. If it does, I will be building Amazon websites again. There might be enough income from Google in the first 3 – 6 month it takes for Google to de-index the website and by then the Yahoo and Bing traffic might be enough to make more than $12 per year per website … Continue Reading →

Amazon Earnings for January 2015 and De-indexing

My January Amazon earnings is much lower than December, but not as low as what I was expecting. My earnings where $555.39. There are 2 big reasons for the drop in earnings. The first is that the shopping season has passed and the second is that All My Amazon Store Websites are de-indexed! There is about 230 of them. Most of the website were de-index about the beginning of the year. I can see in the analytics that the traffic from Big G stopped about 1 January. This was a huge shock to me, but I know why it happened. All these store websites scrape content from Amazon. So it is duplicate content and a big no-no to Big G. I was relieved to see that some of my websites had good traffic from Bing and Yahoo and this is where my traffic came from. The websites have not been … Continue Reading →

My Amazon Earnings for October 2014

I had my best one day earnings last month and now I have my best month to date. So my Amazon Associates experience has gone positive again after September disappointing results. Here is a summary of the figures: I think the 6.65% conversion is very good for non-review websites. I was 50 items short of 7.5% commission. This will be a good goal for me next, plus to go above $600.00. I was $4.43 short of hitting $600.00, but $595.57 is a new high and I am very happy about it! What do you think of my October figures?