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The Miracle Morning Routine that will Change your Life for the Better

I have not posted for 2 months now. I am sorry about that. The reason is that I needed clarity to my Amazon Affiliate business and the way forward. I had a set back with this business, but I will tell you about it later. I want to tell you about The Miracle Morning. After my Amazon set back I was little bit depresses, but then I discovered The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This has changed my state of mind and much more in the last 26 days. I am on day 27 today of the 30 day challenge. I am reading The Miracle Morning and started the 30 day Challenge while reading the book. Sometimes you feel stuck in life and need a new direction. This book will help you with this. This book will help you get started right in the beginning of each day and set you up for … Continue Reading →