Amazon Associates May 2015 Earnings

My earnings for May is still flat at $371.04, but now that I have started building new Amazon store websites I can see some momentum growing. There are more clicks and many of these clicks planted the 90 day Amazon cookie on people’s PC’s, so if people did not buy immediate, but come back within 90 days I will still get the commission. So I am building my commission pipeline. In April I build 8 new stores and in May I build 19 new stores. This is after not building any since Dec 2014. I normally start to see commission from new websites in 2 to 3 month. I can see the traffic on Analytics growing, so I am very positive to break $500pm again soon. I build my first 8 Fresh Store Builder (FSB)websites as a test to see how they compare to Xenia websites that are my top … Continue Reading →