2 New Plugins Added to My Tools

I have bought 2 new plugins in the last week namely, Backup Creator and Azon Exit Cash. Backup Creator Backup Creator I am going to use for backups and cloning my Amazon websites. This will reduce the time it takes to build Amazon Stores a lot. I have already played around with it by creating a Amazon store website up to the point where all the items are scanned, but before the items are uploaded to my website. So now I have a backup or basic website ready to clone. But without the items. All I need to do now is buy domain, add WP and then add the clone website as plugin. All my favourite plugins plus the Xenia theme is ready and all the items for the store is ready to upload. All I have to do next is change the Amazon tracking ID and Analytics code. Next … Continue Reading →

Amazon Earnings for April 2015

My earnings is below $500 this month, but this is from de-indexed websites, that is interesting, and I am still learning a lot from my Amazon adventure. I made a big mistake on my Bluehost hosting and 25 of my websites were down for more than a month without me knowing! Emails from Bluehost went to my ‘everything else’ folder in gmail and I missed it! I have now marked their emails as ‘important’ so the emails will be seen first and then everything else. Big slip up that cost me money, but I will make it back. 🙂 The reason my account was disabled was that my Covert Video Content and Plugin plugin added adult videos from Youtube. Adult stuff is prohibited on Bluehost. Bluehost is the only hosting company that I know of that does not allow adult content, which I find strange. But another lesson learnt and … Continue Reading →