What is MMM and why did I Join

As you know I am always on the look out for opportunities on the internet and offline to increase my income so that I can increase my property investments. Property is one of the best ways to preserve and grow wealth, because your capital grows and property provides income and property values are always growing long term. To invest money in property you need to generate a surplus with your current income minus expenses. So to increase my income and thus my surplus I am always looking for opportunities. Most of the things I try don’t work, but now and then I find something that works and then I go full out. I have found MMM and I am 100% this will increase my income and yours too. What is MMM? MMM is a community of people that provide help and get help from each other and get rewarded to … Continue Reading →

What are Revenue Sharing Websites and how to you make money from it?

How to use RevShare websites Revenue Sharing (RevShare) websites are a lot like the traditional traffic exchange websites you get like easyhits4u.com. They have been in the business since 2003. Traffic Exchange (TE) websites are used by webmasters and internet marketers to advertise their websites to other people. A webmaster or internet marketer will visit another webmaster’s website in return for credits. These credits are used in exchange for website views. Most TEs have evolved in such a way that webmasters can now buy credits for views. So now the webmaster does not have to surf or visit other websites anymore to earn credits. You simply buy credits and exchange credits for views of your website or banners. Most of the TE you need to stay on a website for 10 to 30 seconds. So this takes a lot of time. So if the webmaster has more money than time, … Continue Reading →