Traffic Hurricane

Traffic Hurricane Review

Traffic Hurricane Traffic Hurricane is the newest revshare program I joined. I joined on the 12 Feb 2017 with 1 ad pack. The ad packs are all one price at $50 each. So the entry price is high compared to other revshares where they have multiple ad packs of $10, $25 and $50. Traffic Hurricane is a copy of the website Traffic Monsoon. Traffic Monsoon was the grand daddy of revshares before the SEC closed them down. TM was the revshare that was the oldest and the biggest. The revshare model of Traffic Monsoon was set to last long term because the earning they pay out is very low. You get $55 from each $50 ad pack paid over about 55 days. That is 10% return over 55 days. So that is 4.6% return per month. This is the slowest I have seen. Traffic Hurricane is following the same returns, … Continue Reading →

power lead system

My New Online Business Approach

I have not blogged for awhile, but after seeing a fellow online marketer saying he blogs every day I decided to blog again. But this time I am going to blog on a regular basis. It is very important to blog, but I don’t do it. Why? I don’t know what to write about and I am a bad writer. lol Well, I am going to commit myself and get myself to blog as much as possible. I will not let another week go past without blogging unless I am earning $100k per month. 🙂 New Online Business Model About 4 weeks ago I started wondering how long MPA and MPCA will go on and I remembered 2016 being the year of revshares failures until I decided to stick and focus on 1 revshare. That revshare is My Paying Ads. After about 4 or 5 months My Paying Crypto Ads … Continue Reading →

My Top Money Making Programs for 2017

My top money making programs: The year 2016 was a very busy year with many programs not lasting more than 3 months. Some dying before they even launched (eg Freedom5). There are only 3 programs I am promoting now. 2 of them are more than 2 years old and the 1 is only 2 months old. I am also going to give you a list of programs I am using for promoting and building my online business. 1. My Paying Ads This has been the winner for 2016 and I am sure it will be the winner in 2017 too. The only program that might beat the success of My Paying Ads is the new sister company My Paying Crypto Ads. My Paying Ads is 2 years old and still growing. I have withdrawn about $750 so far and used this to fund the launch of MPCA. Join me here: … Continue Reading →

My Top 6 Money Making Programs for November 2016

My list has changed a lot since I updated it in September and I give my reasons below each program name. Top 6 1. MyPayingAds (MPA) This is still my number 1 recommendation. The reason is that it is the oldest revshare online and can be trusted the most. It is also very easy to use for newbies once you have bought ad packs. I noticed that newbies to Revshares struggle to understand what a payment processor is and Revshares. But as soon as the money is transferred from their credit card to Payza and then to MPA it is all systems go. 2. MyPayingCryptoAds (MPCA) MPCA is my number 2 even though it is only launching in the next 1 to 2 weeks. The reason is that it is the sister company of MPA and it is in Bitcoin. MPCA has the same returns as MPA but because the … Continue Reading →

My Latest Top 5 Programs to Promote Now

I have not made a post in a very long time. Sorry about that. The reason is that I am focusing on building my brand on Youtube and Facebook now. My blog will not be busy since I am creating content for YT and FB, which takes a lot of time. I have decided to do that as many Guru’s recommend YT and FB these days. It is more interactive and video’s are very popular these days. The programs that I promote has changed a lot in the last 6 months. Some have disappeared and some new and better programs have been created. The quality and longevity of the new programs make me positive about the revshare and online network marketing arena. My top programs that I recommend is: My Paying Ads My 24 Hour Income Zukul THW Global Zukul Ad Network Other programs that I am still in but … Continue Reading →

My Top 3 Revshare Programs

I was recently asked: What are your top 3 revshare programs? So I decided to share it here with you. You must remember that revshares are very risky when using it to make money. If you are using revshare websites for advertising you will get value with all the exposures with page views of you offer. Here are my current 3 favorite revshare companies. They are my top 3 because of the stability they have shown. They also have open communication with their members. These revshares have many ways of generating income and this is why they last so long. The 3 Revshare companies that I recommend you invest in: 1. Fort Ad Pays   Presentation by one of the top members Mel: Join FAP here: Fort Ad Pays has doubled its member numbers in 2016 so far and growing. The Alexa ranking is just keep going up and … Continue Reading →

Triple Threat Review and Strategy

This is a short feedback on my Triple Threat experience the last 22 days. Triple Threat was my first Revshare experience and so far it has been a very good one. I have proven to myself that you can start with small amount and grow your adshare investment. This is still a very risky business and Triple Thread is my Revshare that grows the fastest. On the 8 February I made a deposit of $20 into Triple Threat. $5 was for subscription and $15 towards 5 x $3 adshares. Today is 1 March and I have $85.80 in my account in Adshares ($84) and wallet ($1.80). So that means that $15 increased to $85.80. That is a growth rate of 472% in 22 days. If I subtract the $5 subscription it is still 329%. Strictly speaking I have not made any money until I have withdrawn it. My Payza account is … Continue Reading →

What are Revenue Sharing Websites and how to you make money from it?

How to use RevShare websites Revenue Sharing (RevShare) websites are a lot like the traditional traffic exchange websites you get like They have been in the business since 2003. Traffic Exchange (TE) websites are used by webmasters and internet marketers to advertise their websites to other people. A webmaster or internet marketer will visit another webmaster’s website in return for credits. These credits are used in exchange for website views. Most TEs have evolved in such a way that webmasters can now buy credits for views. So now the webmaster does not have to surf or visit other websites anymore to earn credits. You simply buy credits and exchange credits for views of your website or banners. Most of the TE you need to stay on a website for 10 to 30 seconds. So this takes a lot of time. So if the webmaster has more money than time, … Continue Reading →