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The year 2017 started off great. MPA, MPCA and Genesis Mining was doing well and the bitcoin price was rising every week. But then MPA en MPCA stopped paying. I moved to Traffic Hurricane and then they stopped paying. I then took a break to reflect. Only Genesis Mining was still going strong.

I then joined Steemit and Genesis Mining stopped selling bitcoin cloud mining contracts. Time for more reflecting and looking around.

Then USI Tech had a big London party and announced big changes and I decided to join.

Join USI Tech Here:

I had a very long look at USI Tech and decided to go all in. The reason is that following the success of Genesis Mining, lending bot ICO’s, transparency and future plans of USI Tech I decided to join and promote it.

In the video below I give more details:


Here are more reasons why I joined and why I think you should have a look too:

1. USI-Tech has proven success for more than a year
2. USI-Tech has bought a $70 million mining farm for daily payouts with new technology that will save 95% on electricity cost.
3. Crypto mining is a sustainable business as all cryptos need mining. Genesis Mining has 1 million members
4. USI-Tech cloud mining is a 100% passive income business, no need to refer people to make money
5. USI-Tech has transparent owners and staff. Company Registration number ICC20160282, has its headquarters in Dubai
6. All the big network marketers online have joined USI-Tech, because it is a great company
7. USI-Tech provides 24/7 Support with telephone number to be added soon
8. USI-Tech is launching their own cryptocurrency called Tech Coin. This will give them access to huge amounts of cash
9. USI-Tech has their own cryptocurrency ATM to be rolled out worldwide
10. All USI-Tech members are making money
11. USI-Tech provides regular company updates to keep members informed
12. For FOREX trading, you will be charged one-time fee for a lifetime software license that will trade for you
13. USI-Tech is investing in artificial intelligence for improving their forex robots
14. 100% passive income, no need to refer people to make money
15. USI-Tech allows you to join for free
16 USI-Tech plans to have their own internal exchange after ICO. This will give income from transactions and control over price of Tech Coin

USI-TECH is a technology company which specializes in the Crypto Currency mining and the development of automated trading software in the FOREX market.

Useful USI Tech Video links:

Why I joined USI Tech:

How to buy USI Tech Btc Packages:

How to buy pre-ICO tokens:


Warning: USI Tech is high risk because we are dealing with crypto currencies. This is high risk because bitcoin and crypto currencies are still in beta or huge experiment. I am using funds that I can afford to lose. This is not my bread money.

Please comment below with your questions.

You are welcome to follow me on my FB page. I am willing to meet-up in Pretoria, South Africa at Brooklyn Mall or Menlyn Mall to help you get started and earn bitcoin passively.

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