My Amazon Associates income for June 2015

I am back on track to increase my monthly income above $500 per month. I almost reached it last month. My income was $467.42. See image below as conformation. This is very positive result to me. It shows me that as soon as I get to work and build websites again my income increases. Consistency is very important. I managed to build 23 websites in June and I will do my best to do the same or more this month. What is interesting to see is my conversion rate. It shot up to 8% from 3.2% last month. This could be because of a new plugin I bought called Azon Exit Cash. This plugin opens a ‘Special offer’ page as soon as someone wants to leave the website. Works very nice. I upgraded to the Pro version today. The Pro version gives you stats, which is not on the regular … Continue Reading →

2 New Plugins Added to My Tools

I have bought 2 new plugins in the last week namely, Backup Creator and Azon Exit Cash. Backup Creator Backup Creator I am going to use for backups and cloning my Amazon websites. This will reduce the time it takes to build Amazon Stores a lot. I have already played around with it by creating a Amazon store website up to the point where all the items are scanned, but before the items are uploaded to my website. So now I have a backup or basic website ready to clone. But without the items. All I need to do now is buy domain, add WP and then add the clone website as plugin. All my favourite plugins plus the Xenia theme is ready and all the items for the store is ready to upload. All I have to do next is change the Amazon tracking ID and Analytics code. Next … Continue Reading →

My WordPress Plugins that I use for My Amazon Websites

List of free WordPress Plugins I use on my Blogs 1. Kwayy HTML Sitemap This plugin will create a visual site map for your website. You get a short code to paste on the Sitemap page and you are set. Very easy. A sitemap is very important for the browser navigation. The inter linking of your pages and poast are important for SEO too. Here is a link to the plugin page: 2. ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget This plugin is important to me for inter linking my pages. At the end of each post this plugin will create links to related links on your blog. This is great for SEO. Here is the link to page: 3. Google Analytics for WordPress Google Analytics will give you loads of stats and details of user behavior, clicks, geographical stats and much more. There are some people that … Continue Reading →