My Best Amazon Associates Day to Date

I am very positive about my Amazon earning today after I had my best day to date. On 28 Oct I had my first $100 day. The most I have made in one day and I am sure it will not be my last. This helps my motivation. Especially after the drop in earnings last month. Sometimes you doubt yourself and you are not sure you are doing the right thing and need something or sign to help you on. This helps a lot. Looks like I was right about my October earnings. It WILL be above $500 again this month and seems like it will be my best month ever. Up we go to $3000 per month!     Related PostsTraffic Hurricane ReviewTraffic Hurricane Traffic … My New Online Business ApproachI have not blogged for awhile, but … My Top Money Making Programs for 2017My top money making programs: … Continue Reading →

The Perfect Product

Have you ever wished that you would discover a product that everyone can use and you get a small percentage of every sale? Well, I think I have found it. The product is something every person is doing every day, namely shopping! I think it is the perfect product because we are all doing it already. Why not get rewarded for it and build a second income from it part time. This program combines everyday shopping with a customer loyalty program and network marketing. This creates a win-win-win for customer, shop owner and marketer. The customer gets discounts from shop owner, the shop owner gets repeat loyal customers and the marketer gets rewards from every transaction. I found out about Lns about 2 months ago and the more I learn about it the better it is becoming. A loyalty cash back card that you can use and as you shop … Continue Reading →

My Amazon Earnings for September

This post is late and I am sorry about it. 🙁 My earnings for September was disappointing. See below. I had big drop in earnings from $516.60 last month to $409.15 in September. This was due to my best website earnings dropping dramatically. I am not sure if it is a penalty, but it looks like it. The website is still making money, but much less then before. I hope that as I increase the number of websites my reliance on one website will diminish. With more websites I should get more star websites. I still believe it is a numbers game with the strategy I am following currently. My goal of 100 websites in 100 days are way off target. I am at day 47 and have 25 websites up. I am 22 websites behind and I am worried that I will not be able to build 75 websites … Continue Reading →