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I am staying in Muckleneuk, Pretoria with my wife, Lizette en 2 kids, Lienke and Iwan.

IMG_2720My specialty is search engine marketing using Google Adwords. I am a Google Partner. See my Google Partner page here.

Initially I only did SEM for my own businesses, but later found that I can help other people too. I then moved to doing SEM full time for customers. Let me know if you want a Adwords campaign set up the correct way.

I love to invest in property and websites. I see every website as a business. I love making money online and the lifestyle that goes with it. Freedom! 🙂

Latest Update on 4 March 2015:

In October 2014 I joined a network marketing company with name Lyoness. So now I am a network marketer. Since then I have been investigating ways of growing this business in a way it is easy to copy for my downline business members.

Now I am a Online Network Marketer and this is my primary business. I am spending 80% of my time on this business and helping fellow online marketers.

I have found 2 companies that has the answer to this and will post details on this blog as I learn more. The 2 companies are MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) and Networking Superstars (NS). Networking Superstars is like an ambrella over MLSP. So you join NS and then inside NS you signup to MLSP. These 2 programs offer you all the systems, training and education you will ever need to succeed online. I am very grateful for finding it online and use it every day.

If you want to get hold of me, the best email will be brazendale@gmail.com or telephone me on 0728386854.

Or go to my Contact Us page and complete form.


Colin Brazendale

Colin Brazendale

colin brazendale google partner

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