Wanted: 3 more People to Join me and My Success Team

You are 1 step closer to creating the life you always wanted to live. You are not on this page by chance. You are looking for something and I want to help you get it! I am looking to help 3 more people to increase part time income in the next 6 months. I will show you how to combining an online business and offline business to create more income and more success in your life. I will help you build an online and offline business at the same time so that you will have 2 new income steams in your life. This income will become passive income in short period of time. You must have access to internet via laptop or computer (not phone) to get started. You will need some funds to buy domains and hosting to get started. That is it! What is the Catch? You need to join … Continue Reading →

2 New Plugins Added to My Tools

I have bought 2 new plugins in the last week namely, Backup Creator and Azon Exit Cash. Backup Creator Backup Creator I am going to use for backups and cloning my Amazon websites. This will reduce the time it takes to build Amazon Stores a lot. I have already played around with it by creating a Amazon store website up to the point where all the items are scanned, but before the items are uploaded to my website. So now I have a backup or basic website ready to clone. But without the items. All I need to do now is buy domain, add WP and then add the clone website as plugin. All my favourite plugins plus the Xenia theme is ready and all the items for the store is ready to upload. All I have to do next is change the Amazon tracking ID and Analytics code. Next … Continue Reading →

The Perfect Product

Have you ever wished that you would discover a product that everyone can use and you get a small percentage of every sale? Well, I think I have found it. The product is something every person is doing every day, namely shopping! I think it is the perfect product because we are all doing it already. Why not get rewarded for it and build a second income from it part time. This program combines everyday shopping with a customer loyalty program and network marketing. This creates a win-win-win for customer, shop owner and marketer. The customer gets discounts from shop owner, the shop owner gets repeat loyal customers and the marketer gets rewards from every transaction. I found out about Lns about 2 months ago and the more I learn about it the better it is becoming. A loyalty cash back card that you can use and as you shop … Continue Reading →

My First Post

I registered this domain 2 years and 7 month ago and did nothing with it, except add the about page. I think I never started blogging, because I believed I had nothing to say or to offer the world wide web. This has all changed now. I feel that I can offer something by adding me experience here and hopefully people that visit this blog will be able to learn from my mistakes and my success. Please feel free to follow me by adding your email to the autoresponder on this website. That is it for my first post.  🙂   Related PostsMy Amazon Associates income for June 2015I am back on track to increase my … Amazon Associates May 2015 EarningsMy earnings for May is still flat … Amazon Earnings for April 2015My earnings is below $500 this … How I am Growing My Lyconet BusinessThis document was meant … Continue Reading →