Traffic Hurricane Review

Traffic Hurricane

Traffic Hurricane is the newest revshare program I joined. I joined on the 12 Feb 2017 with 1 ad pack. The ad packs are all one price at $50 each. So the entry price is high compared to other revshares where they have multiple ad packs of $10, $25 and $50.

Traffic Hurricane is a copy of the website Traffic Monsoon. Traffic Monsoon was the grand daddy of revshares before the SEC closed them down. TM was the revshare that was the oldest and the biggest. The revshare model of Traffic Monsoon was set to last long term because the earning they pay out is very low.

You get $55 from each $50 ad pack paid over about 55 days. That is 10% return over 55 days. So that is 4.6% return per month. This is the slowest I have seen. Traffic Hurricane is following the same returns, so I believe Traffic Hurricane will last for a very long time.

Traffic Hurricane will be able to learn from Traffic Monsoon mistakes and be better. The referral commission is 10% on ad pack sales. This is a great incentive to build teams. This is also one of the reasons why I joined Traffic Hurricane.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Power Lead System

There was a second program I joined on the same day, Power Lead System. I am so glad I found PLS as it has changed my online business outlook for the better.

power lead system

Power Lead System is a business that helps you collect and store leads. PLS has landing pages, web pages and a autoresponder. This autoresponder you can link with Aweber or Getresponse. The landing page you can link with other webpages to create a funnel with training to your prospect.

You want to collect emails to build an relationship with your prospects and members that have already joined your business.

Building your online business on revshares only is risky, but if you combine it with list building, you have a much stronger business plan. Revshares will come and go, but emails last much longer.

You can link Power Lead System to any refshare. You can build your own funnel or share funnels with other members.

I am still learning how to use PLS. There is so much you can to. The next thing I want to learn is to build my own funnel to market and training my team.

I am promoting my new link where everything is already setup with sales and training pages. Check it out here:

Here is my latest video review of Traffic Hurricane:

I am earning about $9 per day now and growing. All I am doing now is promoting my one link:

Everything you need is in that one link. Amazing! 🙂

So far I have more than 400 leads I collected with this link or system. I have these people in my list and will keep om communicating with them. Some will join, others not. The important part is that I am building my email list.

I am here to help you join and make money online with PLS and TH. How can I help you?

Please email me at or contact me on Facebook.

Traffic Hurricane

Lets build the winning team together.

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