Amazon Associates income for July 2015 and some new findings

My July earnings has been disappointing. I was hoping to break through the $500 mark, but it did not happen. I earned less in July than in June. My earnings for July was $416.32, down from $467.42 in June. See image. What noticed is that I did not sell much less items in July compared to June. In July I sold 211 items and in June 218. That is only 7 items less. So then I went to have a look at the items sold in June. There where a couple of high ticket items sold and I did not have any high ticket sales in July. So I think it was just plain bad luck for July. In July I only build 7 websites compared to 23 in June. Part of the reason is that I was on holiday for 8 days in the beginning in the month and … Continue Reading →