What is MMM and why did I Join

As you know I am always on the look out for opportunities on the internet and offline to increase my income so that I can increase my property investments. Property is one of the best ways to preserve and grow wealth, because your capital grows and property provides income and property values are always growing long term.

To invest money in property you need to generate a surplus with your current income minus expenses. So to increase my income and thus my surplus I am always looking for opportunities.

Most of the things I try don’t work, but now and then I find something that works and then I go full out. I have found MMM and I am 100% this will increase my income and yours too.

What is MMM?

MMM is a community of people that provide help and get help from each other and get rewarded to do so. It is almost like a peer to peer or people to people lending but not really. There has never been something like it and that in why it is difficult to give it a name.

It was started in 2011 by a Russian by the name of Sergey Mavrodi. I think he is a very clever person to come up with this concept.

Join MMM here, but read post to end please: http://www.clkmg.com/colin/mmmblg1

MMM South Africa started in 2015 so that people can transfer South African Rands to each other. Internationally you may transfer Bitcoin with each other. There are already more than 200 000 members in SA and 200 million world wide. It is growing super fast, because it is working.

To get started you join for free. You then offer to ‘Provide Help’. The amount you are willing to help with is changed to equil number of mavros. Mavros is the MMM crypto currency like Bitcoin. In 3 to 4 weeks the website or a manager will contact you to pay over the amount you where willing to help with. You then pay this other community member directly in Rands. The money does not go to MMM. The money you offered to provide help war exchanged to Mavros. The Mavros stay in MMM and earns you interest from the moment you offer Rands to community. The Rands stay in your hands until you are told to pay it over to community member, but MMM keeps account of your Mavros that grow by 30% per month.

mmm south africaAs soon as you have paid the MMM member you may then Get Help yourself or just leave it on the website to earn you interest on your Mavros. The interest you earn is 30% per month!

Just remember that this is not interest like you know it and it is not even interest. The system of MMM simply allows you to get more help than what you are willing to provide help. This reward for providing help is equivalent to 30% per month.

You are willing to give help and someone needs help and funds are transferred from you to the other person directly. You may then ask for help. This can be any amount up to 30% per month more than you provided help. Nobody is paying the 30% ‘interest’ or growth. There is always someone in the community willing to give help because they know the more they give the more they will receive.

It is almost like MMM is creating money. And that is what the reserve banks and commercial banks are doing all the time. Do you know how the bank multiplier? See this video:

I like this video because it explains it well. Each country has it owns reserve percentage. I think in SA it is 5%. But it also makes me think how MMM works.

MMM is not MLM, network marketing, internet marketing or investments. It is a community of people standing together helping each other and getting rewarded for doing so.

I did not understand MMM in the beginning, but liked the idea of earning 30% on my money per month. I decided to join on 6 January 2016, but then almost closed my account 1 week later, because I did not understand it. But I went ahead and offered help of R1000.00 (about $62). This is money that I can afford to lose to try out a new business opportunity or idea.

After providing help I asked to Get help for R1500. (I received a bonus of $20 with my first deposit). Within 2 days the money was deposited in my bank account by community member. I then offered to provide help of R1500 and later asked for help of R1900.00. All this happened within about 6 weeks time. See video below:

So I have tested the system twice now and I am in again providing help for R1000 and will increase this from now on.

The governments around the world will not like this system, because it side steps all their systems. Their systems that are not working. Just look at currencies all over the world. They are being manipulated everyday by speculators and government print money to get them out of trouble all the time. This is why they have created Bitcoin, the crypto currency. People can see currencies are failing. All currencies are fiat currencies anyway. They are backed by nothing today.

MMM has started something new and the rewards are huge. That is why I am sharing this with you. Try it out for yourself, like I did and then let the world know.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or help.

Go and join here (I get a referral commission of 10% and so will you when you refer your friends):


Here is a great video with more info on MMM South Africa and how to join and register with link above:

If you need help to join and to get started please contact me here.

I will keep you up to date with my progress on Facebook, so join me here and like the page: https://www.facebook.com/colinbrazendalesinternet/

You can watch my progress or sit on the sideline or be bold and join me today and get rewarded for doing so like I did.

All the best until next time. Your world is about to change.


Join here: http://www.clkmg.com/colin/mmmblg1

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