What are Revenue Sharing Websites and how to you make money from it?

How to use RevShare websites

Revenue Sharing (RevShare) websites are a lot like the traditional traffic exchange websites you get like easyhits4u.com. They have been in the business since 2003.

Traffic Exchange (TE) websites are used by webmasters and internet marketers to advertise their websites to other people. A webmaster or internet marketer will visit another webmaster’s website in return for credits. These credits are used in exchange for website views.

Most TEs have evolved in such a way that webmasters can now buy credits for views. So now the webmaster does not have to surf or visit other websites anymore to earn credits. You simply buy credits and exchange credits for views of your website or banners. Most of the TE you need to stay on a website for 10 to 30 seconds. So this takes a lot of time. So if the webmaster has more money than time, he may buy traffic to his website this way.

Revenue Sharing websites have taken this concept further. They offer webmasters a share in the revenue they earn from paying advertisers. This is very attractive to webmasters as they can now advertise their own website and get paid to view other people’s websites. There is also an incentive to refer other people to join the website, because you can earn a referral commission as well.

So RevShare website can also be seen as traffic exchange plus a ‘Get Paid to Click’ website, plus revenue sharing. So by buying Adpacks with credits for advertising and clicking website links you can earn an income from joining RevShare websites. You can further increase your income by referring other people to join the program. You will usually be paid a referral fee for the initial advertising spend by your friend and then also on future clicks and purchases by your friend you referred. This can quickly add up to a very nice passive income as you are earning money from other people’s actions and time on the website.

Every RevShare website has its own revenue sharing program and they are not all the same. Some of these websites have become very aggressive with their revenue sharing and get into cash flow problems as soon as there is problem with the business. Recently Paypal stopped their service to most RevShare companies as Payment Processor company and this caused huge cash flow problems. Fortunately, there are many other payment processing companies that can be used and Revshare companies now offer alternatives like Solid Trust Pay and Payza.
So how Much Money can be Made?

The returns you earn depends on the daily profit of the RevShare website. Each website will give you a guide of what you can expect, but they will also tell you that this can change at any time.

How to make Money form Revenue Sharing Websites

Let’s look at a real example. The first company I joined was TripleTread. You can buy adpacks for $3 each. They will pay you back $3.60 in 3 days. So that is 20% return on your investment in 3 days. All you need to do is surf 10 websites per day to get the payout. TripleTread is one of the more aggressive Revshare companies out there. I am not sure for how long they will be able to offer this type of return.

Besides the RevShare you get you also get 10 website credits, 25 banner clicks and 5 text ads to promote your business.

If you re-invest your return every 3 days you will also see the power of compounding interest. This will make your total return more than 20% per 3 days.

TripleTread Adpack 1 compensation plan

I highly recommend you join a community where information is shared of the best RevShare companies to use. I also recommend spreading your investment over more than 1 Revshare company. Therefor I recommend Mastering Ads.

They are up to date with all the latest info and give you info on how to get started. They currently recommend 11 companies and also have a top 3 list. You join for free, but if you want the top 3 list and more benefits they have a subscription service of $10 per month. You will make this back in no time and save money by following Mastering Ads.

When you join Mastering Ads you get all the tools to promote Mastering Ads plus Free webinars and free info and ‘how to’ videos on each program they recommend. I am promoting Mastering Ads only now. I don’t have to promote all 11 programs.

Go and have a look at the free service here: http://www.clkmg.com/colin/link1

If you like internet marketing and surfing the net and would like to make some money on the side, I highly recommend you give it a go. Advertise your business online and get paid for doing so. I like that a lot.

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