Triple Threat Review and Strategy

This is a short feedback on my Triple Threat experience the last 22 days.

Triple Threat was my first Revshare experience and so far it has been a very good one. I have proven to myself that you can start with small amount and grow your adshare investment. This is still a very risky business and Triple Thread is my Revshare that grows the fastest.

On the 8 February I made a deposit of $20 into Triple Threat. $5 was for subscription and $15 towards 5 x $3 adshares. Today is 1 March and I have $85.80 in my account in Adshares ($84) and wallet ($1.80). So that means that $15 increased to $85.80. That is a growth rate of 472% in 22 days. If I subtract the $5 subscription it is still 329%.

Triple Threat 22 day results

Strictly speaking I have not made any money until I have withdrawn it. My Payza account is still in review to check my proof of ID and address, but as soon as it is cleared I will be withdrawing 50% of my daily earnings everyday. As soon as I have withdrawn $20 the investment is risk free and profitable. The other 50% I will reinvest and my Adshares will keep on growing.

Revshares are very risky and I decided to spread my risk by investing in more than 1 revshare company at a time. I joined Mastering Ads and they give me their top 3 and then another top 5 revshare websites. I have invested in 5 of them so far. I have my own top 3 and I will blog about it later.

If you want to check out Mastering Ads you may join for free, but I recommend you join the Gold Membership for $5 per month to see all the best websites.

Join Triple Threat Only:
Join the Mastering Ads here:

Here is a short video review of my first 22 days at Triple Threat:



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