Revshare, MMM and new MLM update for March 2016

This is update on the state of my Revenue Share websites and MMM. A lot has happened this month. I am not going to regular updates on my blog as I am focusing on Youtube updates. The YT updates will be 1 every 2 to 3 days and more if there is news.

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Revshare Update

I am currently invested in the following revshares:

  1. Fort Ad Pays
  2. Trafficmonsoon
  3. Triple Thread – not recommended anymore
  4. Trafficgoals
  5. Adpaypro
  6. Zukuladsnetwork (to be funded 1 April when they launch)

Fort Ad Pays is my fastest growing revshare and is my number 1 recommended revshare at present. The website Alexa ranking is just going up and up, so the activity is growing and that means the website will last for a longer time. They have introduced new income streams like Adsense which is very positive.

Trafficmonsoon is my 2nd revshare I recommend. They are old revshare and very stable. I made my first withdrawal and the funds landed in Payza account within seconds. That says a lot.

Triple Thread is showing signs of cash flow problems and I don’t think it will last very long before it is dead revshare. I will lose about $30 on this website and is my first loss making revshare website. Sad.

Trafficgoals and Adpaypro is going on at slow pace. It is stable and there is no bad news out. It is growing slaw because I started with small investment with $20 and I am not sure it is paying 2% per day. I think it is less. I have to re-invested either like I did with Trafficmonsoon and Fort Ad Pays. When there is more positive news on these 2 websites I will invest more.

I think it is better to start your investment at $50 because you see the growth in your investment faster and will be able to withdraw a bigger about faster too.

MMM Update

Social Financial Network 30% pmMMM is going strong and I can see some of the people I referred to MMM re-investing and investing more. I am very tempted to invest another R1000. This will bring my total investment to R1100.00. Currently I am invested R100 but my Mavros available to withdraw stands at about R2200. This is because I invested R1000 on 18 Feb. Of this R900 was previous profits and R100 of my own money. The growth from R1000 to R2200 is referral commission and interest growth.

There is no current news about MMM that I know of so no news is good news for MMM. We are still earning 30% per month and all is well. Non of my members that I referred have reported any problems either.

I will let you know whether I invested another R1000. I don’t want to become greedy and must manage the risk too.

Signup here:


Zukul – New MLM and Revshare Website

I am very exited to join Zukul. It is a MLM or network marketing company that guarantees you sign-ups. This is why I joined.

The biggest problem with all MLM is signups. So when I saw this offer I investigated. I watched loads of reviews and videos by creator and owner Jeremy Rush. I looks the real think and I like the way he thinks and his attitude.

You pay Zukul $50 per month for signups. I asked 2 members and they say it took 2 to 3 months for Zukul to find 3 members. 3 Members is your breakeven point on your $50 per month from there it is profit.

So Zukul will do 98% of the work and you are asked to do only 2% to promote Zukul. I am not sure if members will even do the 2%. So far I have made posts in FB and FB groups to promote Zukul and will continue to do so. I will also do Youtube updates like I do.

When you join there is a once off $49.95 you pay for the Zukul program. This includes autoresponder, banner creator, and more. Then there is $50 per month. So when you sign up be ready to pay about $105.

Have a look at the sign up page here for more info:

Guaranteed Sign Ups at Zukul 300 x 250

Zukul went one step further and created ZukulAdNetwork:

ZAN is launching on 1 April and here you can buy signups as well. I don’t know the price of the sign ups, but you will be able to buy 2 at a time. This will draw loads of new customers to Zukul too. So I am very positive about all the action here and you should have a look.

There are 3 Facebook groups, but the one to get you started is this one:

There is also the One Link Family FB group here:

There is a lot of buzz going on like daily webinars until the 1 April launch of Zukul Ad Network. Here is a video I made about Zukul:


Other news:

I have not renewed my Mastering Ads gold membership as I don’t see the value in the $10 per month anymore. I thought there would be more signups but I only had one. The revshares that Mastering Ads recommend you can figure out by yourself. The golden rule of not putting your eggs in one basket is still valid. So the Mastering Ads idea is still valid, but getting signups via them not.

The owner of Mastering Ads has started his own Revshare. Traffic Network Takeover. I have joined but after looking at the rewards I was disappointed to find that you need to subscribe for $10 per month and the return is only 13% per month. So If you buy $100 adshares and subscribe you only will earn 3% per month! I will rather invest in Zukul Ads Network than invest here. Zukul’s revshare will give me referrals and TNT not. Referrals are very important in revshare business and will excel your earnings.

Ok, that was a long post. Please comment below with any questions and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more regular updates here:

I wish you all the best until the next post. I am working towards the internet lifestyle because I believe it will give me the freedom to work or play when I want and when I want to.

Here is a video I made yesterday at Yellow Sands, East London, South Africa while on my Easter Weekend. 🙂









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