What is MMM and why did I Join

As you know I am always on the look out for opportunities on the internet and offline to increase my income so that I can increase my property investments. Property is one of the best ways to preserve and grow wealth, because your capital grows and property provides income and property values are always growing long term. To invest money in property you need to generate a surplus with your current income minus expenses. So to increase my income and thus my surplus I am always looking for opportunities. Most of the things I try don’t work, but now and then I find something that works and then I go full out. I have found MMM and I am 100% this will increase my income and yours too. What is MMM? MMM is a community of people that provide help and get help from each other and get rewarded to … Continue Reading →

What are Revenue Sharing Websites and how to you make money from it?

How to use RevShare websites Revenue Sharing (RevShare) websites are a lot like the traditional traffic exchange websites you get like easyhits4u.com. They have been in the business since 2003. Traffic Exchange (TE) websites are used by webmasters and internet marketers to advertise their websites to other people. A webmaster or internet marketer will visit another webmaster’s website in return for credits. These credits are used in exchange for website views. Most TEs have evolved in such a way that webmasters can now buy credits for views. So now the webmaster does not have to surf or visit other websites anymore to earn credits. You simply buy credits and exchange credits for views of your website or banners. Most of the TE you need to stay on a website for 10 to 30 seconds. So this takes a lot of time. So if the webmaster has more money than time, … Continue Reading →

Amazon Associates Earnings for Dec 2015 and Jan 2016

My earnings from Amazon Associates Program for the last 2 months. I have not made a blog post for a while. Please forgive me. I must post more than once per month and will do so from now on. I was a little bit depressed about my my December and January earnings and that is maybe why I have not made time to do it. Sorry about that. But this will change as I have found something else to add to my internet income that you will love too. 🙂 Earnings for December:   And here are my January earnings:   December started out well. I was still busy with my recovery from losing my account and moving all my links to old websites. On 11 Dec we left for Mozambique for holiday. I did not have internet as the roaming was very expensive and did not think I will … Continue Reading →

Amazon Associates Earnings for November 2015

My Amazon Associates earnings for November is down from last month. This is disappointing but I think I know why. I have not build a single website in about 3 months, I have lost momentum and AliExpress websites are very very disappointing. They are making no money! My earnings for November image below: So my earnings dropped by about $40 this month. November should have been a good month because of Christmas shopping, but not this year for me. There seems to be a problem with my 90 day cookie, but not on all my websites. The 90 day cookie makes a huge difference in earnings because someone can buy anytime within 90 days from Amazon and I will earn commission. I am still helping people to build and earn money as Amazon Associates with my Xenia store strategy. So if you would like to know more please contact me … Continue Reading →

Amazon Earnings for October 2015

My Amazon Earnings for October are back to $343.83. I am still using Xenia Store theme although I know Big G does not like the content. The reason is that I cannot find a theme that performs as good as Xenia Stores so I am continuing with this theme and stays my highly recommended theme. Here are my Amazon Associates earnings for October. I tried AliExpress theme. It is easy to use and load items, but the pages are not found by the search engines like Xenia theme. I don’t know why. I build 10 websites with AliEpress theme to make sure and it is not working for me. After 3 months I am making less than $2 so far. You are welcome to give it a try here: http://alipartnership.com The plugin is expensive too. It is $47 for 5 websites. There is a 25% discount when you ask. I build … Continue Reading →

TMM book cover

The Miracle Morning Routine that will Change your Life for the Better

I have not posted for 2 months now. I am sorry about that. The reason is that I needed clarity to my Amazon Affiliate business and the way forward. I had a set back with this business, but I will tell you about it later. I want to tell you about The Miracle Morning. After my Amazon set back I was little bit depresses, but then I discovered The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This has changed my state of mind and much more in the last 26 days. I am on day 27 today of the 30 day challenge. I am reading The Miracle Morning and started the 30 day Challenge while reading the book. Sometimes you feel stuck in life and need a new direction. This book will help you with this. This book will help you get started right in the beginning of each day and set you up for … Continue Reading →

Amazon Associates income for July 2015 and some new findings

My July earnings has been disappointing. I was hoping to break through the $500 mark, but it did not happen. I earned less in July than in June. My earnings for July was $416.32, down from $467.42 in June. See image. What noticed is that I did not sell much less items in July compared to June. In July I sold 211 items and in June 218. That is only 7 items less. So then I went to have a look at the items sold in June. There where a couple of high ticket items sold and I did not have any high ticket sales in July. So I think it was just plain bad luck for July. In July I only build 7 websites compared to 23 in June. Part of the reason is that I was on holiday for 8 days in the beginning in the month and … Continue Reading →

Wanted: 3 more People to Join me and My Success Team

You are 1 step closer to creating the life you always wanted to live. You are not on this page by chance. You are looking for something and I want to help you get it! I am looking to help 3 more people to increase part time income in the next 6 months. I will show you how to combining an online business and offline business to create more income and more success in your life. I will help you build an online and offline business at the same time so that you will have 2 new income steams in your life. This income will become passive income in short period of time. You must have access to internet via laptop or computer (not phone) to get started. You will need some funds to buy domains and hosting to get started. That is it! What is the Catch? You need to join … Continue Reading →

My Amazon Associates income for June 2015

I am back on track to increase my monthly income above $500 per month. I almost reached it last month. My income was $467.42. See image below as conformation. This is very positive result to me. It shows me that as soon as I get to work and build websites again my income increases. Consistency is very important. I managed to build 23 websites in June and I will do my best to do the same or more this month. What is interesting to see is my conversion rate. It shot up to 8% from 3.2% last month. This could be because of a new plugin I bought called Azon Exit Cash. This plugin opens a ‘Special offer’ page as soon as someone wants to leave the website. Works very nice. I upgraded to the Pro version today. The Pro version gives you stats, which is not on the regular … Continue Reading →

Amazon Associates May 2015 Earnings

My earnings for May is still flat at $371.04, but now that I have started building new Amazon store websites I can see some momentum growing. There are more clicks and many of these clicks planted the 90 day Amazon cookie on people’s PC’s, so if people did not buy immediate, but come back within 90 days I will still get the commission. So I am building my commission pipeline. In April I build 8 new stores and in May I build 19 new stores. This is after not building any since Dec 2014. I normally start to see commission from new websites in 2 to 3 month. I can see the traffic on Analytics growing, so I am very positive to break $500pm again soon. I build my first 8 Fresh Store Builder (FSB)websites as a test to see how they compare to Xenia websites that are my top … Continue Reading →