My Top 3 Revshare Programs

I was recently asked: What are your top 3 revshare programs? So I decided to share it here with you.

You must remember that revshares are very risky when using it to make money. If you are using revshare websites for advertising you will get value with all the exposures with page views of you offer.

Here are my current 3 favorite revshare companies. They are my top 3 because of the stability they have shown. They also have open communication with their members. These revshares have many ways of generating income and this is why they last so long.

The 3 Revshare companies that I recommend you invest in:

1. Fort Ad Pays

fort ad pays banner


Presentation by one of the top members Mel:

Join FAP here:

Fort Ad Pays has doubled its member numbers in 2016 so far and growing. The Alexa ranking is just keep going up and up. They have $1 ad shares which makes compounding much faster than other refshares. Very positive and active members on Facebook. Looks like solid owner who is not hiding anything.

Fort Ad Pays have multiple income streams which will give the company a solid income for long time. This is a long term investment for me.

The return, including the initial investment, is 1.5% per day. Total gross return is 225% in 150 days so the net return is about 25% per month.

I am looking to increase my shares here.

More info here on this Fort Ad Pays Youtube channel:


2. Zukul Ad Network

Zukul Ad Network - don't miss this one

You buy your referrals with this business at $50 for 2 directs, but you don’t have to buy directs. Buying direct will increase your income. You will earn 10% from every purchase they make. You will earn affiliate sales from your directs and their direct 3 levels deep. So you you can imagine the income possibilities here.

My own presentation:

Join here:

ZAN only started 1 April and is a sister company of Zukul. I am a member of Zukul too, but Zukul has not generated any income yet. ZAN has returned all of my initial investment in the first 25 days or so.

I was expecting it to be much slower, but with the commissions from my 2 directs the expected return doubled. I was expecting 15% per month, but I think it is closer to 30% with the commissions and the compounding.

More info here on this Zukul Ad Network Youtube Channel:


3. Traffic Monsoon

traffic monsoon banner

Presentation by one of the members:

Join TM here:

Traffic Monsoon was one of my first revshare websites I joined. It is one of the oldest revshare companies and it is interesting to see how many people in revshares will be invested here. I get the sense that not many people are promoting TM anymore, because the earnings per month is very low.

The current net earnings from revenue sharing alone is about 3% per month. Yes, that is very low in Revshare world, but you can also get paid for clicking cash links and referral commissions. This is where the power of TM is. Referrals. You get 10% commission from all ad packs bought by your referrals and cash links clicked.

Go here for more info on Traffic Monsoon Youtube channel:

Let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding my top 3 revshares. Another way of following me is on FB here:




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